Neo Babylonian Cuneiform Corpus Project

A cooperation between the KU Leuven and the University of Vienna, directed by Michael Jursa and Kathleen Abraham. NABUCCO began through the initiative of Kathleen Abraham at the KU Leuven with the collaboration of Michael Jursa of the University of Vienna. NABUCCO's primary aim is to make cuneiform documentary sources originating from Babylonia and dated to the Age of Empires (c. 770 BCE – 75 CE) accessible through metadata and paraphrases or 'digests' that cover the documents' contents, prosopography, and archival background. Data have been provided, in addition to the persons mentioned above, by Stefania Ermidoro, Melanie Gross, Evelien Vanderstraeten, Matthias Adelhofer and others, and over the years NABUCCO has benefited significantly from the input, intellectual and technical, of Shai Gordin. The creation of the site in its present form and location, hosted by the Austrian Academy of Science's ACDH, was largely the work of Reinhard Pirngruber. Funding has come, in different phases, from the KU Leuven, the Belgian Science Policy Office (Project PVII/14), the University of Vienna, and the Austrian Science Fund (FWF, Vienna; most recently project I 3927).